As escorts budapest, how we live…

To Escort job I came when I was looking for a student job and did not want to wait for money. First I worked as a nude model at the art academy. That was exhausting, time-consuming and poorly paid. But I knew then that for me is no problem nudity. I looked escort pages and sent in my application to an agency. A found a lot of girls who worked as erotikus munka. In the interview focused on philosophy and literature. The boss wanted to know if I can entertain him. Because he did not believe me that I was serious with the rest, so i seduced him. That was a year ago.
There are clear Escort offers. Customers are very graceful that I keep their identity in secret. I don’t tell friends from my work and do not speak with customers about other customers. My agent advised me not to give my name. I also don’t tell basically where I live. Actually can’t happen. We know nothing about each other, and I do not say my name so accidentally. I rise the phone not by my name, for the customer I have a fake mail address.
As a customer, I prefer older men. They are maintained and can behave. Most customers are mid-50s to mid-60s. There are almost always busine people, sometimes tourists too. Men make better everything outside their private environment. This has advantages for me. So it is almost impossible to meet someone who I know. My customers do not live here, and the friend of my parents are not so rich that they take an escort.
it would be a disaster if a friend of my father would come to me. But probably I would just ask him to say nothing. We would agree. There are men who forget my work and want to live a fantasy. Asking if I love them. Tha i say: ‘You were just given me an envelope. Want an honest answer or that I’ll tell you what you want to hear? ‘There are also men who say, ‘I’m not a fool. Of course, do not you love me. But you like me? ‘That’s basically the same thing.